Within five years, A&V Sports rose from a small sports agency to one of the biggest names in global football. Representing Ballon d’Or 2018 winner Ada Hegerberg as well as Ballon d’Or nominees Catarina Macario, Jessie Fleming, and Khadija Shaw, A&V Sports has always been thriving on diversity, representing more than 60 international players from 25 different countries, pushing boundaries, shaking women’s football economy, and making historic deals throughout the world. With offices in North America and Europe and a fully dedicated marketing department, A&V oughts to be a bridge in both men’s and women’s football between continents, promoting its talents on and off the field. A strong advocate of women’s rights and gender equality, A&V prides itself in representing women football players, striving to be the best at what they do, at our image.

Our Services

Player Representation

Because every client is unique, A&V will put together a career plan that fits your personal goals and propel you toward your dreams. What do you want to achieve? Got it, let us take care of it. You go play and enjoy.

Transfer & Contracts

The core of our business. A&V has proudly negotiated the most lucratives deals in women’s football, including some for players from American clubs and colleges to the biggest European clubs. We will not stop until you get what you deserve.

Digital & Media Presence

We want you to become more than a player, but a major actor of global football. Our players do great things, on and off the field and we make sure everybody knows it. We will put you in the spotlight either through social media, the main form of communication for modern footballers, or with the help of key players of the media world who are more and more interested in our talents.


Your image is your next biggest asset after your talent. A&V will make you profit from it. A&V provides marketing opportunities, endorsements, sponsorships, and product placement. Whether on a digital or experiential platform, we find a way to get you involved with unique, result-oriented campaigns you feel comfortable getting behind.


Wealth management is one of the most crucial aspects of a footballer’s life. Developing your assets and your wealth is an insurance for your after career. We didn’t tell you? We are together in this for the long run.


Legal advices, relocation, holidays and event planning? Because being a top international athletes creates new questions, opportunities and challenges every day, we will offer you the solution to all your questions

The Team

Alan Naigeon
Managing Partner, Registered Intermediary

Alan is one of the two co-founders and managing partners at A&V. MBA Graduate from Florida Atlantic University and licensed agent in multiple countries, Alan is mainly responsible for club networking, clients’ negotiation and contractual affairs. Alan speaks two languages fluently, and resides in the United States, where he holds the US office in Miami, FL.

Victor Bernard
Managing Partner

Victor, co-founder and managing partner at A&V, is a Bachelor of Business Administration graduate from San Francisco State University. Living in France, he manages day-to-day operations and logistics in Europe, oversees social medias, and maintains our relationships with Nike, Adidas, Puma, as well as our marketing portfolio.

Takumi Jeannin

Dual citizen from France and Japan, Takumi joined the team in 2016. From chief scout to partner, Takumi swiftly rose through the ranks of the agency making the impossible possible, and signing breakthrough deals. He is in charge of the next generation of talents at the agency, and resides in the United States.

Antoine Martin-Fyne

Antoine joined A&V Sports in 2022. Living in Madrid, Spain, a graduate from Real Madrid UE, and fluent in three languages, Antoine oversees operations in Spain and Latin America.

Andrew Irving
Director of Sponsorship

Andrew joined A&V Sports in 2021. Hailing from England, Andrew is in charge of the marketing side of our operations. His role is to look for, negotiate, and implement any marketing opportunity for our clients, whether they are one-offs or long-term sponsoring contracts.



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